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Unique gift shop with crystals, gems, handcrafted candles & fair trade items sourced locally & around the globe. 

Let your light shine...it starts with a Flicker!


Why Choose Us?

At Flicker, we strive to be unique, to blaze our own trail and not follow anyone else's path.  We believe in happiness and good service. We believe our merchandise carries the energy of its surroundings and our shop is filled with love. As a child of the 60's, I grew up around new-age style thinking. I was the youngest of 6 so most of my siblings were all teens during this time. One summer, our Mom allowed my sisters to paint bohemian flowers on her VW microbus, because why not? My brothers dipped my feet in paint and held me up so I could walk all over the van leaving colorful footprints amongst the flowers. It was a sight to behold and one of my best family memories.  At the end of that summer, our family suffered a trail of fateful events that would forever change our lives. My mother, who could always find a laugh, began suffering from depression. She taught us to think for ourselves and not rely on anyone else. She started bringing us to different churches to learn the greater meaning in life. My father, an agnostic, was very strict but had a brilliant mind. He lectured and tested me on logic and diplomacy as he introduced me to his friends -people from all cultures and walks of life. My middle sister taught me what she learned about life paths, Akashic records and creating our own blueprints. I learned transcendental meditation at the age of 10 when my then hippie-chick oldest sister came back from California with all kinds of cool new philosophies. I learned about macrobiotic diets and standing up for beliefs. As a teen I attended Bible study group with my friends. I learned the power of manifesting through prayer early on. To this day, I have manifested a number of nearly impossible things and have no doubt there is a higher power who will answer us in unexpected ways. This helped me immensely because by 2001, I had suffered the loss of all of my grandparents, my father, my stepfather, two aunts, an uncle, a nephew, my hero brother Ray, a Viet Nam vet, my brilliant brother Mike who had schizophrenia, my fun-loving brother Louie who was diabetic and pansexual and my beloved mom MM; two homes were lost to fire; I was injured in 3 separate auto accidents, and in 2003 lost my job as the breadwinner. Talk about depression. It hit me hard. The only thing I had was my faith, my 2 sisters and my two little tykes to keep me distracted. 

I started using crystal energy in 2005 when I picked up beading as a new meditative hobby, learning the meaning of the crystals as I made things. After my first marriage ended, our home was put on the market. A year later, my closest sister Sally died which greatly expanded that hole I already had in my heart. I turned to prayer and meditation and  started working more closely with crystals -and that's when my hobby "accidentally" turned into a business. I continued as Sparkle Wholesale for several years after meeting my now husband Mike.  In 2017 we moved the business to Hamburg and became Flicker. We wanted our business to be unique, not a copy of anyone else's, so I did what I knew- went back to my roots and looked beyond the box. We wanted our shop to feel welcoming, kind, inspirational and interesting. We  searched the globe to find products that enrich lives & are made with good intentions -from the manufacturer to the recipient- because Fair Trade is important. How we treat people is everything. In the end, the only thing that truly matters is unconditional love.  We want people to know there is more - more to this life than they may think possible. When they are at the bottom, they can only go up. We can all create our own outcomes and overcome anything put before us. If anyone feels "different" or alone, we want them to know that while they may not be able to change other people or their past, they ARE able to change their future.  We hope our products make you feel good, enhance your life and inspire goodness in your heart.  

We love our customers and are thankful they have kept us at the forefront of this "New Age" trend. Namaste my friends. Hope to see you soon!

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